SLS and RTLB amalgamation

The Ministry of Education has started work to amalgamate the Supplementary Learning Support (SLS) service with the Resource Teacher: Learning and Behaviour (RTLB) service.

The Review of Special Education showed that the current special education system is too complex and fragmented. The amalgamated SLS and RTLB service will provide more unified, flexible and responsive support to students with learning and behaviour needs.

Discussion document

Read the discussion document and provide feedback.

Reference group

The Ministry will work with the sector on what the amalgamated service should look like. An education sector reference group will be formed – the group will be made up of representatives from the key education sector groups involved with SLS and RTLB.

Timeline for the SLS and RTLB Amalgamation of services


Early April Announcement that SLS and RTLB amalgamation work will begin
Mid April Discussion document, and feedback form, published on TKI
Mid May Reference group established
End of May Feedback on discussion document received
End of June Feedback collated, analysed and recommendation provided to Minister of Education
End of July Final decision communicated to all groups involved with SLS and RTLB
End of August Amalgamation process begins


End of January Amalgamated SLS and RTLB service in place

Students currently receiving SLS support

All students currently receiving SLS support will continue to receive a service in 2012. There will be no change to the SLS service this year.

Students with ongoing high needs who are receiving SLS support will continue to be able to access a service that meets their needs.

More information

As the Ministry progresses with this work, more information and details will become available.

Read the information sheet about the amalgamation:

Read questions and answers relating to the amalgamation